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Carnations are one of the most popular decorative flowers in the world. This Classic Dozen Carnation in pretty pink is a splendid item to behold and to cherish for long. With the perfect combination of pastel pink and snowflake white, it will take your breath away!

The Classic Dozen Carnation bouquet is made of Pink Carnations, Baby’s Breath, and suitable greens for fillers. It comes in a beautiful glass vase.

Carnations have always been associated with motherly love. It is believed that when Mother Mary saw her son Jesus carrying the cross right before his crucifixion, her tears became carnations. The color pink in flowers is also associated with affection, admiration, the beginning of a relationship, love, fertility, and femininity. Altogether, carnations are the perfect gift for your mother, or someone who is like a mother to you. Whether it’s her birthday or mother’s day, or any celebration regarding your mother, it will be the perfect gift! You can however also gift this bouquet to others too, including your family, friends, or your love interest.

Since we place the utmost importance on using only fresh and the best quality flowers in all our flower bouquets and floral arrangements, based on availability, the actual product design, colors, varieties, and container may slightly vary from the picture shown above.

Classic Dozen Carnations Vase Arrangement



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